Journey 1 — Relationship with You

Does Your Business Strategy Need a Little Push?


There were approximately 586 million entrepreneurs worldwide in 2018, a number which doubled compared to 2008 and which is not going to decrease.

Think about it. People dream about new lives based on independence, they have grand projects and even bigger ambitions. But not everyone has the opportunity, time or money to get an MBA. So, how do we do?



At Impactified, we know that while being an entrepreneur is a trendy thing, success takes a serious amount of effort and, more importantly, methodology. As a personal advisers, we therefore provide frameworks and tools to help our clients get their business to the next level.

Begin a new relationship with your business now. We can help.

Running a Project is a Marathon.

We All Need Help.


01 — It’s a long-term thing

Whether you build a business or run a project more generally, chances are that it will be a long-term thing. Or, said differently, your ability to manage distance will be at the core of everything. Do you have what it takes?

02 — Goals matter

Long-term projects always depend on someone’s ability to deliver, but often the very idea of setting goals is a daunting task. Here’s the thing though: can you get anywhere without serious goals? Walls excepted, we mean…

03 — Prep is essential

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a team leader, an executive, a project manager or a researcher does not matter. To make a difference and turn whatever you do into something impactful, strategy and preparation are absolutely essential. So, are you prepared?

04 — Support makes the difference

Have you ever seen a winning athlete without a coach? Probably not. In the same way, the most successful entrepreneurs get some support - whether they say it is another story. Getting support makes a difference because it gets you miles ahead. You’d be unreasonable not to try…


What We Can Help You With?


Business Strategy

At Impactified, our core focus is business strategy, and we do it well. Day after day, we help entrepreneurs and executives with scaling up their businesses. Often, our mission consists in supporting scale-up strategies. In some cases, we also intervene as last resort advisers, to help with re-positioning before things get out of control.

More generally? We assist with building new business models and new products. We explore markets, identify problems to solve, help with understanding the typical clients and assist with building impactful visions. That, of course, leads to top-notch value proposition that people are receptive to - and to happy clients!

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Leadership Training

Running a business is complex, but being a leader is a full time job that most people simply ignore. Think about it. Entrepreneurs need to inspire, executives need to sell, NGOs need to engage, whilst academic need to change the world. Except that these things are easier said than done. If you need to communicate, captivate and inspire, leadership training is essential!

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Academic Impact

Are you in charge of a research department? Strategic thinking and leadership are a skill set your teams need. Not tomorrow! not in a year! Now! Sooner or later, research funding will be conditioned by the Impact produced by your institution’s research. From building Impact strategies to promoting collaborative research, our leading methods will help you make a difference. The question is, will you miss that opportunity?

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1-to-1 Business Advisory.

1-to-1 business advisory is at the heart of what we do. As personal advisers, we use coaching methods to provide your with frameworks, methodologies, questions and tools which help you get where you want.


Team Coaching.

Strategy building is not only a 1-to-1 exercise. Beyond strategies built by the decision-makers, any implementation requires involving the key actors of the business, i.e. the team leaders. Do you?

Talks, Seminars & Trainings

Involving your teams is key. Talks, seminars and trainings can help with disseminating key concepts, with exploring strategic topics in depth, and with transferring know-how and best practices. By the way, did you engage with your teams sufficiently over the past 12 months?

But also…


Design Thinking & Group Work Facilitation.

.Businesses and projects or all sorts often get stuck because the collaboration dynamic is broken. When that is the case, we use design thinking methodologies act as group work facilitators. Satisfaction guaranteed!


And Team-Building

In line with group work facilitation, Impactified also organizes fun team building workshops. Perfect if you want to involve your teams into a positive dynamic!

Face your limits.

You will notice the difference.