It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to re-think a business model or build a better value proposition. Maybe you have a problem to solve and you want to involve your team. Design thinking is a fun and reliable method used to trigger innovation, facilitate project development and encourage team-building!

What is Design Thinking?


At Impactified, we use Design Thinking on a routine basis to help our clients with a variety of things. From solving problems to building new business models, from getting new ideas to involving partners into new projects, Design Thinking is probably one of the most efficient methods we can think of.

Long things short, Design Thinking is a method which helps with obtaining unsuspected insights in a minimum of time. And to our clients, that’s usually a game changer.

The process is simple! We organize a group session and act as the facilitators. We ask questions (our secret recipe, really) and turn the answers into insights that nobody really saw coming.

The result is simple: a prototype (a timeline, a workflow, a publication strategy, a new business model, so forth and so on) which gives you a solution to the problem discussed during the session. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

You’ll love it. We promise.

Design Thinking for innovation.


Design Thinking has a variety of application, in reality, but the most obvious one is probably innovation development.

Now, let us be very clear. Innovation is a buzzword these days. People want to innovate, businesses pay a fortune to innovate. Startups try to reinvent the world and “disrupt” whatever can be disrupted… but what is innovation exactly?

Innovation is nothing but a process

Believe it or not, innovation is not just a matter of reinventing the wheel, and it certainly isn’t a matter of sending people to Mars. No.

Innovation is not an outcome - Innovation is a process which leads to an outcome. A process which starts from understanding the big picture of how things work right now, and which leads to questioning what works, what doesn’t work, what could be improved, and what should be stopped.

Said differently? The best way for a business to innovate is not to go wild. The best way to innovate is to question the existing, and to wonder what could be done more efficiently.

Of course, the Design Thinking process can help with that, and so do we. We are certified in advanced Design Thinking methods by IDEO, you know?

Trying to innovate? Trust the process.

Design Thinking for project facilitation.


Do you have a team project to build? Difficult to see where to start? Not sure how to involve your collaborators? As mentioned before, Design Thinking can also help with project facilitation.

The power of ideation.

Also known as ‘Human-Centered Design’, Design Thinking encourages workshop participants to produce ideas in quantity - and that makes a huge difference.

When people get their ideas together, the magic happens. Whether ideas diverge or converge, the process leads to powerful insights people can agree on. And when they do, barriers and walls fall.

Do you have a problem to solve? Ideation can help.

What if you could empower your team?

Beyond the opportunity to create ideas, the Design Thinking process also helps with empowering your teams.

When you let people collaborate, dynamics get into place and new relationships form. Interactions turn into exciting collaboration, and in no time what used to be a problem turns into a solution that the participants will want to implement. Isn’t that magic?

In sum? Give up on meetings. Invest in collaboration.
We’ll make it happen.

Design Thinking for team-building.


Now, let’s talk about team spirit and team cohesion for a second. How do your teams get along? Does your staff work well together? Do people know each other? Do they actually know what others do and what they work on?

In our experience, the answer to that is probably negative. Teams usually work in silos, and team spirit always suffers from that.

So? Well, again, Design Thinking can help. Through fun workshops, we can encourage interaction between your team members while solving a problem they all suffer from.

Give people a good reason to get along! Use Design Thinking for team-building!

Give people a good reason to get along! Use Design Thinking for team-building!

Design Thinking for your business.


Whether your goal is to solve a problem, to create innovation, to transform a business model or to build a team around a project, Design Thinking is probably the one method you cannot afford to ignore. Our clients are unanimous, these workshops are probably the best surprise you could dream of!

So, can we help you?

Of course we can! At Impactified, we believe in Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design methods so much that our facilitators are trained and certified by the reputed IDEO Design Thinking firm. You simply can’t get better than that.

“I learned so much about my business during this Design Thinking workshop and was so excited afterward that I didn’t sleep at night.”

—Rainbow Hui, Founder @Jia Family Office

How do our workshops work?


Simple! First, get in touch and let us know what problem needs to be solved. We will plan a workshop around it, with you. Second, invite your staff. Third, let us play the facilitators, sit and see the magic happen. Aha! moments, great value and actionable solutions guaranteed!

In Hong Kong?

In your offices, in a neutral place, in Hong Kong, but also in Singapore or Shanghai and Beijing, our Design Thinking workshops can be organized at your convenience. Don’t hesitate to let us know, we will make it happen.

Daring is the most difficult part. Act now.