Maybe you are an entrepreneur, or an executive, and you think that your business should work without you. Maybe you already have an up and running business which needs a boost, some scaling-up or a new orientation. In each and every case, it all begins with you, and business advisers can help.

Business Advisers for business support.


Being an entrepreneur or an executive is fun. It makes you feel good, it makes you look smart, and it pays well - hopefully. Yet, running a business is far from being an easy task. How can you increase your market shares? How can you deliver? How can you improve this and develop that? The questions are multiple, but for some reason the answers are much less obvious.

Business advisers give you a framework.

In our experience, most people manage their operations “hands on”. They work into their business but they don’t work on their business. They go for the daily and urgent routine, but they don’t focus on the long-term, important strategic aspects. As if the later could wait.

The Impactified business advisers give a framework for getting your business to the next level. By giving you time to work on your business, we give you an opportunity to think things from another - more strategic - perspective which helps make your business Impact stand out. And that frame tends to make a major difference.

Make your Business Impact stand out.

Business Advisory for business strategy.


What we mean by “strategic perspective” is simple: from vision to implementation, your business cannot go anywhere without a proper strategy.

First, planning.

Running a business without a proper business strategy is probably the most common source of inefficiency out there. No vision, because having a vision doesn’t get cash in. No time to allocate on long-term things, because there are more urgent things to do. No time for big picture thinking, because what matters is tomorrow… Keeping your nose to the grindstone is the norm.

Except that sooner or later, the long-term and non-urgent part of the big picture will catch up. And the later the more difficult to manage.

But there is an alternative. Need a hint? Something related to keeping your head up, to looking forward and focusing on the big picture, to building a vision people want to turn into reality…

Then, implementing.

Having a plan makes it easier when it comes to putting things into place, week after week, quarter after quarter, year after year.

Without a direction, no goals to achieve. Without goals to achieve, no roadmap. And without roadmap? You get our point. Baby-steps are the most efficient way to move forward, and action based on orchestration is key.

Ultimately, monitoring.

An entrepreneurial process is a journey. Things rarely take place as expected, hence the ability to monitor developments, identify successes, spot failures and pivot is essential. In fact, success depends on one’s ability to question the flow - no successful entrepreneur will tell you otherwise.

In sum? Planning is important, implementing is key, monitoring is essential. And without strategy things always go South.

Business advisers for your business.


The question, ultimately, relates to how you and your business work along. The question is difficult to answer, so here is a couple of questions to get you in the right direction. First, does your business have the right 80/20 balance? Second, are you happy with your effort/income ratio - really happy, we mean? Third, can your business work without you for a couple of months?

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So, can we help you?

If your business needs a push, chances are that we can provide some assistance. Our clients usually come from two horizons: some need to scale up a business which works, others need to fix a problem - because something is wrong and their business is on life support.

Does your business need scaling-up?

If your business needs scaling up, our business coaching can provide a range of tools and questions to help you get to the next step.

Is you positioning robust enough? Does your business have a differentiating factor and a strong value proposition? Does your business have the right processes in place to help you scale up?

Is your business on life support?

If your business is on the difficult side of the slope, our coaching framework will focus on the basics. From vision and mission to value proposition definition and strategic planning, we can help you build a roadmap while testing and, ultimately, pivoting your business.

“I can't recall leaving any of our discussions, without having this nice sensation of having lifted myself a few steps higher”

—Mathieu Vassal, Founder @Waseco

How Business Advisory sessions work.


One major question remains: how does business coaching work? At Impactified, we operate with a couple of methods which we adapt to your particular needs.


1-to-1 Coaching

1-to-1 business coaching is the popular approach for entrepreneurs and executives who want personal support. This way of working focuses on personal follow-up and will get you the assistance you need.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is an alternative to 1-to-1 coaching to the extent that we focus on helping a group of people to make progress on a given problem together. Ideal to build a group dynamic and to involve the participants.

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