Leadership Coaching

Maybe you are an entrepreneur, a corporate executive, or an NGO person. Maybe you want to build a story around yourself and push a message. Or maybe you need to build and run a team. Whatever your goal, it all begins with you, and leadership coaching can help.

Leadership Coaching for management.


Being an entrepreneur, an executive or an academic is fun. It can make you look smart, and it can give you many occasions to build leadership - hopefully. Yet, leadership is rarely an innate skill and building it takes both time and efforts.

Leadership coaching gives you a framework.

In our experience, most people manage their own leadership on the go. They move with the flow and take benefit from whatever happens, but they hardly try to develop it. In most cases, in fact, they are not even aware of their own leadership potential or methods.

Leadership coaching gives a framework for pushing your leadership to the next level. By giving you time to work on your goals and methods, it gives you an opportunity to build a strategy around your leadership projects and needs.

Have you ever thought about how to develop your leadership skills? Can you inspire people around you? Do you have a message to communicate at all? Think again!

Make your leadership stand out.

Leadership coaching to build, inspire and lead.


Approaching leadership strategically is smart. First, it helps with building the profile you need for yourself. Second, it helps with positioning you as a team leader. Third, it helps with building stories that inspire. Fourth?Well, building thought-leadership gets you one step ahead!

Building your profile.

The first thing to consider when looking at leadership training is the opportunity to build your profile up. The world is immensely competitive and you need to stand out of the crowd.

Our leadership coaching program will help you understand your own leadership philosophy, for starters, but it will also help you define your personal leadership goals, and build up your profile accordingly.

Positioning yourself as a team leader.

Talking about profile-building, leadership coaching can also help position yourself as a team leader.

From mapping your ecosystem to assessing your current leadership methods and deciding on what can be improved with the way you manage your team, the panel of opportunities is wide. Can we help?

Telling stories to inspire.

When it comes to leadership, two words can have a major impact: stories and inspiration. Obviously, storytelling is a powerful was to convey a message but as such it is also a powerful tool when it comes to inspiring people.

Leadership coaching provides an opportunity to work on both your message, storytelling and inspiration skills. Do you need to figure out what your message is in the first place? We can help with that too!

And thought-leadership, of course…

Have you ever heard of thought-leadership? If your objective is to increase your visibility and develop your legitimacy, thought-leadership is yet another powerful tool.

From message-building to expertise demonstration, the exercise will help showing your audience that you are the expert they should talk to. Give it a try!

Position Yourself. Build. Inspire. Lead.

Leadership coaching for you.


The main question, that is, thus consists in figuring out where your leadership stands. So here is a couple of questions to help you see through things.

  1. How would you describe your leadership method?

  2. How do people describe your leadership method?

  3. What would you try and improve if you wanted to inspire and lead more?

  4. Who are you trying to inspire, by the way?

  5. Where would you start?

Said differently, leadership coaching is an opportunity for you to reflect on those questions and to build your personal leadership strategy. Think about it!

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So, can we help you?

If you need a push from a leadership training perspective, chances are that we can provide some assistance. Keep reading!

“I can't recall leaving any of our discussions, without having this nice sensation of having lifted myself a few steps higher”

—Mathieu Vassal, Founder @Waseco

How leadership coaching works.


So, how does leadership coaching work? At Impactified, we operate with a couple of methods which we adapt to your particular needs.


1-to-1 Coaching

1-to-1 leadership coaching is the popular approach for entrepreneurs and executives who want personal support. This way of working focuses on personal follow-up and will get you the assistance you need.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is an alternative to 1-to-1 coaching to the extent that we focus on helping a group of people to make progress on a given problem together. Ideal to build a group dynamic and to involve the participants.

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