Philippe Bonnet Business Talents Asia

Philippe Bonnet

Co-Founder & Europe CEO

Originally from France, Philippe established began his Asian business advisory journey in 2012 and co-founded Impactified in 2019.

Since his arrival in Hong Kong, he has built several businesses and has contributed to the development of about a hundred entrepreneurial projects.

On side of that Philippe is an accomplished ultra-athlete, who has tailored sports accompaniment and dynamic fitness coaching programs for over a decade. As such, he is convinced that business is more than a marathon and has successfully capitalized on his sportive mindset to help solve the challenges faced by numerous senior executives and entrepreneurs. Anything is definitely… possible!

More about Philippe?


Philippe believes in the idea of entrepreneur supporting other entrepreneurs with best practices and permanent encouragements.



  • During his corporate life, Philippe occupied various positions as COO and CEO in the real estate and retail industry, where he generated in excess of €80 million in profits.

  • In Hong Kong, Philippe also created the Business Talents Network (BTN) around 3 business clubs of French, English and cantonese entrepreneurs.

  • Philippe also develops an Ed-tech startup to follow-up on a successful experience with the Chinese University of Hong HK.


… including:

  • Ironman Taiwan 2016

  • Racing the Planet (Jordan) 2014

  • Marathon Paris 2013 + 2019

  • Marathon Rome 2017