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Your Business Deserves a Strategy

Does your business model rock?

Running a business is a daily challenge, but the reality is that most small, medium (and large!) enterprises face difficulties which directly result from a lack of big picture and Impact Thinking. Vision, mission, value proposition and differentiation make innovative business models but where do you stand? Business requires some serious strategy, do you have what it takes?


Are you running after time?

Running a business is time and energy consuming, and chances are that you find that time runs away too fast. Often, time is a matter or organization, so let us ask you a couple of questions. What Impact are you trying to make? Does your team have a process to Impact? Do they run their operations in a time-efficient manner? Are you running after time? If you could refocus your time on what really matters, would you really do it?

Leadership Training Matters

Are you the leader you need to be?

Leadership Training Matters! Beyond strategy, running a business impactfully is also a matter of leadership. So, how do you inspire people around you? How do you convey your message? How do you get people to engage and get involved? Do you have a leadership strategy at all? Our leadership training can help!

Design Thinking Hong Kong

Design Thinking - Trigger Innovation, Facilitate Projects, Nurture Team-Building

It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to re-think a business model or build a better value proposition. Maybe you have a problem to solve and you want to involve your team. Leverage Design thinking to trigger innovation, project facilitation and encourage team-building!

academic impact university impact coaching impact strategy

Academic? We do Impact Strategy too!

From the UK to Hong Kong, academia nowadays requires “Impact” but in reality academics rarely have Impact and leadership strategies in place, let alone a value proposition to communicate to the “real world”. Impactified provides Impact and leadership training through collaborative and design-thinking based workshops, what are you waiting for?

In short?
We are problem solvers.
We are business strategy advisers.

Make your Business stand out.

Business Strategy,
Easy as 1, 2, 3!

They have trusted us:


What People Say About Us.


“You were able to bring me great support and coaching with a valuable external vision as I was navigating in a new environment building a new unit. We used the right frameworks and built a very pragmatic plan that have helped me build the initial business strategy. I was really looking forward each weekly sessions and we always found answers to my numerous puzzles ... Great coaches and great friends”

— Yannick Even
Head of Data Science Apac @SWISS RE

“By listening to and questioning, our adviser has helped us over 4 years to develop and implement Greater China business strategies with appropriate and exciting tools. As entrepreneurs we need to boost our business and to take the most efficient decisions in a quick and reliable way. It was reassuring to know we had a trustworthy person outside of our organisation to help us get our heads up every single week”

— Martin Ma
Co-founder & Director @GoodConceptsGroup

“I have had the pleasure to work with my business adviser for 4 years and I have learned a tremendous amount in that time. The team is a rare breed of business and strategic advisers who make the seemingly impossible utterly and methodically attainable. Their genius lies in their ability to break complex ideas and concepts down into understandable, digestible elements, and they have the ability to build solid relationships at all levels”

— Damien Duffort
Sales Director Lab Testing @Qima

“I can't recall leaving any of our discussions, without having this nice sensation of having lifted myself a few steps higher”

—Mathieu Vassal, Founder @Waseco

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